Safety Of our clients funds

Alain FX places special emphasis on protecting invested funds. We guarantee the security of our clients funds and the prompt fulfillment of our financial obligations.

As a regulated entity, we are subject to rigorous compliance requirements that include: client fund management; holding client funds in segregated accounts; and regularly reporting financial results to the regulatory entities.

Forex leader

By offering some of the best trading conditions on the forex market, the Alain Fx has assumed a leading position in the global forex industry. Protecting traders' funds and securing forex operations are our top priorities. The Alain Fx impeccable reputation and recognition is confirmed not only by the prestigious international awards, but also by our dynamic trading performance and trading volumes.

Partnership with major banks

We strive to provide the best conditions for the protection of our clients' financial assets, so we have established partnership with the world's largest banks. Banks presently serving Alain FX include the following:

Segregation of funds

Alain FX maintains client funds in segregated client accounts completely separated from Alain FX own funds. All client funds deposited at Alain FX are fully segregated in accordance with strict policies and procedures.

Security of financial operations

Alain FX has developed optimal systems and security methods for keeping the trading accounts safe. The security system identifies the account owner using special policies and procedures therefore the financial operations on a trading account can only be performed by the account owner.

Risk management

Alain FX offers clients state of the art trading platforms and additional services that automate many forex trading processes and can specifically prevent an account's balance from becoming negative. This is especially important for protecting investors' funds and avoiding financial charges as a result of a negative account balance.

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