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Trading contracts for difference (CFDs) is an easy and flexible way to enter the financial markets. Traders speculate on the movements of rising or falling prices for markets for currencies, metals, indices and commodities. One of the most popular ways to trade, CFDs simplify investors approach to the markets.

300+ Markets to Trade

Forex, or currency trading, is a massive global market with over $5.3 trillion exchanged each day. Open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, there are 4 trading sessions around the world to take advantage of, see the trading hours here.

Commodities are split into Agricultural (soft/grown products) and Energy (hard/mined products). Alain Fx offers seven agricultural commodities from wheat to coffee and sugar. If you have an insight into specific markets like grains, then trading commodities CFDs is simplified on our platforms. If you like the high-volatility of energy committees, then we offer five to choose from including WTI and Brent Oils, Natural Gas and Heating Oil.

Metal trading is as old as time itself. Now with CFD metal trading you can easily join this exciting market without having to hold the physical product. Gold, silver and other precious metals are considered safe havens and used as hedges in times of market uncertainty. With Alain Fx you can trade metals against a basket of currencies and trade them as Day and Options deals.

Indices offer a mixed portfolio of top company stocks and are a diversified product by nature. They can track the health of specific economies and are impacted by the direction of interest rates, jobs data and currency strength. With 14 CFD indices on offer including the US Dow and Nasdaq, UK footsie, German Dax, Japanese Nikkei, Australia's ASX 200 – you may take advantage of any market around the world that is seeing action at any one moment.

Advantages of Trading CFDs

 Unlike stock trading, there is always a buyer and a seller meaning you are never left holding an asset

 There are opportunities to earn under any market conditions - whether they're rising or falling

  Flexibility allows traders to take a more diverse approach to their trading so they many take advantage of whichever market is trending at any one moment

  Leveraged trading means you may aim for higher returns with a smaller investment. However, leverage magnifies potential loss as well as returns.