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We increase confidence and teach you how to exchange Forex with a wealth of teaching tools and online sources. Taking our test with exploring your exchanging personality in a matter of minutes with just six simple questionnaires. Find out just how you relate to other investors before you begin your Forex learning journey.

What type of forex trader are you?


This is the point at which traders start to learn how to manage the ever-changing economies as infinite amounts of information flow on them through multiple directions. In this chapter, you will learn the position of economics and demand relations. Importance of economic data updates and how markets will encourage new data. They also teach how to use an application of indices and sentiment analysis to help buy/sell decisions.


This is a landmark, as we continue to incorporate the principles developed in the earlier three phases in preparation for traders to be able to make their own decisions while taking a hassle-efficient approach to exposure management. During this point, you will learn how to write, execute, and change a trading plan. How to incorporate advanced versions of studies like Elliot Wave or Ichimoku? How to adapt the strategy to different market conditions? At this level, special importance is given on the issue of risk assessment, as this is often regarded as one of the most crucial factors of a trader's successes or failures.


Over 50 currencies, combining small market spreads and non-dealing desk (NDD) exposure


Broaden your investment assets by adding valuable metals to your investment strategy.


Trade prospects in various international markets such as indices, commodities and foreign equities