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MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for MAC

It is a trading platform for Forex and CFD which is commonly used by both experienced and beginner traders. With the MT5 customer-friendly software the research tools are at your fingertips. Now you have unprecedented versatility to configure your company and even run automated business operations. Using MetaTrader 5 helps you to trade in a wide range of market capital which includes the currencies, indexes, products, and stocks on a single screen. This trading platform offers tools to you to design and implement your business transactions with high speed and simplicity. Being an STP broker, Alain FX offers an extremely-fast and also very low-latency bridge that connects the MT5 network. Our product and system facilities reduce delay to a fraction of a millisecond, resulting in limited or no slippage during your trading sessions.

  • Capacity to create distinct custom markers and different time frames
  • Seamlessly integrates with professional advisors and design indicators
  • History Database Management and History Data Export / Import
  • Single click trading
  • Guaranteed full data backup and 100% security
  • Capacity to manage a large number of trading orders